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St. Petersburg Florida Criminal Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney

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This is scary stuff. .

You've been arrested. Treated by law enforcement like you were less than human. Like you were already guilty. And now you are facing criminal charges. A team or prosecutors trying convict you of a crime. Place you on probation. Pay fines. Or even send you to jail.

I understand how daunting this must seem to you. And my team and I can help. I know the system. I am a criminal defense attorney who practices only in the Tampa Bay Area: Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties.

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is one of the most common crimes charged by prosecutors in Pinellas County. DUI charges commonly catch individuals that otherwise would never get caught up in the system. DUI's also happen to be some of the most difficult and complex crimes in Florida, and the penalties for DUI are harsher than for any other misdemeanor crime. That's why every criminal lawyer that works on my team is trained in cutting edge DUI Defense and the leading negotiation tactics.

St. Petersburg Florida Criminal Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney

"I want you to come in and sit down with me or one of my criminal lawyers, free of charge, and let us develop a game plan for you before you pay me a penny. More than a consultation, we will have a full fledged criminal defense planning session."- Lee Pearlman

Practice Areas in St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay.

Florida DUI Defense: The sting of a DUI Conviction extends beyond having it show on your record for the rest of your life. Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Pilots, and more can lose their career from mishandling a DUI arrest and the associated administrative cases. And with funding on the rise in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, proactive arrest squads are seeking out and arresting otherwise good people on Drunk Driving charges.

Florida Drug Charges: The greatest tragedy in the criminal justice system in the last twenty five years has been the heightened penalties forced on drug users and abusers. The end result is mass incarceration of individuals who need treatment and not prison. And while the tide has started to change the reality is that Florida citizens are going to prison for lengthy terms daily for drug related possession, sales, and trafficking charges. We must fight drug charges from every angle immediately at the onset of a case to win.

Florida Assault and Battery: Florida criminals the unlawful of touching of another individual. A conviction for battery can carry with it not only jail time and probation, but certain results cannot be pardoned or sealed ever. My team and I utilize every defense, including but not limited to Florida's 'Stand Your ground" Law to defend you.

Sex Crimes: The subject of sex crimes carries a serious connotation. But Florida has criminalized certain sex crimes that are voluntary and consensual, but where one of the parties is too young. Properly defending a sex crime charge is something we have excelled at for more than a decade.

Failure to Appear: If you fail to appear at a criminal court date you face up to ffive years in prison. Failur to Appear charges are on the rise in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. We defend Failure to Appear charges aggressively to minimize punishment.

Gun Charges: We have defended every type of gun charge in Florida, including minimum mandatory charges and "10-20-Life" cases.

Robbery Charges: Robbery charges are considered some of the most serious criminal charges that can destroy your professional and personal life. Penalties for robbery range from five years to life in prison. Even attempted robbery, where an individual was not actually hurt, can result in heavy prison time. Other types of robbery include carjacking, theft, and burglary.


Florida Expungement: Luckily in certain cases we can seal and expunge criminal charges after everything has been resolved. This involves coordinating with the State Attorneys office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to prove and certify that your charge is sealable. Then, we take your case in front of a Circuit Judge in one of the local courthouses (Criminal Justice Center in Clearwater for Example) and expunging your case.

Traffic Charges

We handle and resolve traffic charges ranging from simple tickets all the way to DUI manslaughter. Traffic charges are often handled outside of the main courthouses. In South Pinellas, there is a traffic court on 66th Street near Tyrone Mall. In North Pinellas, there is a traffic court on US 19.

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